Sunday, 22 January 2012

How much does one trust Google?

We're in the back end of the 'deenshire, almost at Stoney and with my miraculous map readings I can neither confirm or deny that we may or may not be lost.   So up rocks The Giddy Blonde with with his massive phone and   whilst I knew exactly where I was at all times, he affirmed what I already know.  That's what happened and there's no one here to contradict. At least no one on Blogger.

Ride was lovely but windy, with snow capped Bennachie keeping an eye on us as we rolled through the 'shire.  Training wise I'm quite pleased.  Was with one of my cycle mates and The Giddy Blonde, and they were pootling for the most part, and there was a few times where I sped up infront of them then hung back.  But there were also a few times when the hills were difficult and I couldn't take them at the same rate as the boys.  The wind was horrendous.  I'd asked The Giddy Blonde to go in front up one of the hills so I could shelter for a bit, but he ended up spinning himself up the hill way ahead of me because of his gears (he has an old fashioned racer, with two massive front cogs and only 5 back cogs).   We stopped at Drumoak Lifestyle Shop and Cafe for more Cullen Skink and cake, then it was an easy 35 minutes along the railway line back to the 'deen.

I really needed to work on my cornering, so I pushed myself a little with those.   I've been reading this:

pretty closely and it's helped a lot actually.  The decent down Warren Wood (mile 14 to B9077) I had the breaks full on whilst the others zoomed down but I consider that intelligence and not scaredy-pantsness.

The next week is full of spin classes (see previous post, I'm still grumpy) and my da's up on Friday so no Sunday Cycle that weekend.  I think according to my schedule I may have a 40 miler booked the weekend after (but it'll be an easy one).

I was going to sign off 'Happy Rolling' but it makes me sound like I'm not a cynical pessimist.


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