Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunday the 13th of May is Etape Day!

81 miles is the goal.  I have 17 weeks ending this week.  So I figure if I can add 10 miles for every four weeks of training, and include the occasional mini tour I should be in fine fettle for the race.  

Other things I have decided to introduce is that knowing a few of the routes round the 'Shire now is a few 10 and 20 mile 'time trials'.  These shall be for when I can't train.  For example I have my father coming up on the 27th so won't be able to abandon him for 4 hours at a stretch when he's up, we may go for a pootle to Drum, where if Pete comes to pick him up and take him back to the 'Deen, I can time trial it back, and mibbies not get gummed by an ageing dog, or lost on the railway line like I did last time I was on me oneses. 

In between this I intend to make four spin classes a week.  So far on spin alone I've done 25 miles in half hour classes - they have those livestrong bikes at my gym - they record in km and it's the brit in me that demands imperial.  I'm eating like the cookie monster and sleeping like the dead, so I may need to crack open the protein shakes again.   I'm even hungry now...

*nom nom nom nom nom....

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