Monday, 30 January 2012


I'm really enjoying my spin classes just now so I'll tell the guys at Pure Gym Aberdeen I've been asking for them (that's a Weegie 'Shout Out').  Having had a cold last week I took the pressure off a wee bit and not exactly killed myself but will start again this week fresh as my cold is much better. 

To this end, I've signed up for double spin classes.  I haven't decided if it's foolhardy or genus.  I think it might be foolhardy as instead of doing my 4 spin classes over 4 days I'll be doing 4 spin classes over 3 days and then on the rowing machine.   All my classes are in the evening next week.  I actually didn't find it too bad getting up DURING THE NIGHT but I did have a dream this morning that when my alarm went off it was because it was 4am and not the 7.30 I set it too.  Needless to say when I rocked up for spin today there was 1 other person there.  Out of 9 folk that had signed up.  I'm saying nothing.

In other news I've purchased myself a Mountain bike (thanks to the Cycle to Work Scheme) and hats off to those who descend/ascend the wilds.  I'm properly Sh!t at it.  Truly and incredibly awful.  I don't have the balance or co-ordination.  Quite frankly it was soo bad that had I to judge myself solely on my performance on the mountain bike track, I consider myself in need of a carer.  We got, gee I don't know, 100 meters into the trail and fell into a 3 foot deep puddle.  I have bruising on my hip (not where it's actually sore, just around it) and 'done' something to my back and can still taste the weird sheep fleece flavoured water.  For the first time ever in spin class I had a stitch today, and as I sit here it does feel like I'm being kicked in the back. I feel like I need that chiropractor bin that Homer Jay Simpson had.  Poor me.  Then on another bit I nearly brained myself on the ice.  The only small consolation I have is that when we switched to the Fire Track (I don't know why it's called the 'Fire Track' we really don't have the weather that invites bush fires, and there's nothing up there the Fire Brigade will need get to – I digress my point is it's the easy bit), the Giddy Blonde fell on his @rse grating cheekage across the ice.  He has a rather sexy diamond shaped scrape just above his belt line that he says isn't sore – will be if I accidentally squirt perfume on it.  Hehe.  Another plus point is that after I left the boys and just went round on the fire track (Micheal was there too, and I think secretly quite pleased I was so bad at it.) I saw a deer!  It flashed it's bum at me and took off up over the rocky hill like it was nothing!  Must try and channel that next time we go.

Here's where we were:


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