Sunday, 15 January 2012

The more I cycle...

...the less I can drink.

Far be it for me to lecture anyone on what their alcohol intake should be. But in addition to eating like the cookie monster I have now become the cheapest date I know, and that's cheaper than a bored teenager finding the communal wine.  My ability to metabolise alcohol is truely shocking.  One would think at 32 I didn't have 18 years of practice (I'm Scottish).  But at my mates Mrs Mop party I had 3 ciders and woke up this morning with a migraine and a can't do attitude to the first training ride of the year.  I almost didn't have to as well.  We mended the chain that broke last week with a four pounds sterling* chain from Asda ( aka Walmart).  So shan't be going back there for quality cycle supplies again.

It wasn't particularly difficult or fast.  It wasn't even windy or horrible weather.   It was cold and gorgeously bright when me and four others hit the railway line.  Made it out to Drum and back, taking it easy on the corners and down hill as it was frosty and made it back to the 'deen for Cullen Skink and tea and cola. 2 degrees centigrade (36 Fahrenheit).  It was fecking freezing when we stopped.  I had to have a bath when I came in, and when we sat down for lunch Pete's brother Michael needed a quiet 5 minutes to feel human again.  So it wasn't just me and he hadn't even been out the night before!

Anyhoo bed time for me now,
Nighty Night


 (the giddy blonde has reprogrammed the computer and we've lost the British Pound sign) 


  1. Good news / bad news:
    The bike isn't causing the increase in severity of the cocktail flu, age is.
    BUT if you suck it up and go riding you'll be pleasantly surprised at how the hangover takes a timeout until you are finished riding...then it comes back angry.

    Best bet, stick with water and cookies.

    1. 'Cocktail Flu' PMSL! I wonder if I could phone in sick with that at work? Once I did get out riding I felt fine. It's definitely age that stops me mixing my drinks, and I think I may have to switch to mini ciders (half pints.) in future.



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