Friday, 13 January 2012

The politics of Goal Setting.

My goals are mostly secret.  I very rarely say them out loud.  It's a habit that I retain from childhood behaviours of being oddly secretive, cynical and glairing with a severe sleep disorder.  One would think that I was borne to eventually become an Evil Genius, or Supervillan. 

I'm not disappointed.  Oppressing people sounds too much like hard work and I like having hair.  And besides apparently, as a child of course, I spent too much time with my finger up my nose to be percieved as a threat.  I would never engage in such behaviour now.  Especially not at my desk when I think no one is looking.

My point is I have made one of my secret goals I set for myself this week.  Which is a real surprise considering I've only really been doing serious training this past week.  The goal was to be able to do 10 miles in 30 minutes.  I keep a tally of how many miles I do at a spin class and I managed 17km on Wednesday! And then 16km last night! Now I know they were on the spin bikes and it may not really translate to road use but I'm taking the win.

Further to this, I should be kicking off Sunday with 20 miles with me and a mate.  We're instigating a 20 mile ban on Cake Stops.  Drum and backs where we're going:

So shall be partaking of pub lunches when we get back to 'deen City.


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