Friday, 20 January 2012

Rant Alert (there's a lot of Frikkin'): Seasonal Gym Goers

I hate them.  They clog up the 'Booking Classes' system signing up for MY classes, that I want to go to, that they REALLY don't have any intention of turning up for, leaving ME to get up at 5 FRIKKIN' 45 AM for a 6 FRIKKIN' 30 AM class that will be cancelled cos no other IDIOT will get up for because it's the MIDDLE of the FRIKKIN' NITE, and ANY OTHER FRIKKIN' PERSON with a MODICUM, SNIPPET, or even IOTA of SENSE is STILL in THEIR BED LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!!!!


Roll on February, that's all I can say…



  1. Ha!
    It's the opposite for me. I'll have MY TRAILS all to myself and a few other diehards to stoopid to find something else to do when it's below freezing this time of year. But as the days get longer and warmer all these people think they have the right to ride there bicycles on MY TRAILS! Oh sure they're on public land and all, but really, the nerve.

    1. Some folk just have no consideration. No idea who really owns the planet and who, it would be better for everyone, if they just plain got their way.


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