Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Am not going to the gym today.  It's my attempt at 'listening to my body.'  Been feeling a bit crap this week again, and had an upset stomach yesterday, this coupled with constantly feeling like I'm on the verge of a cold and general ickyness I figure that powering through it last week didn't do me any favours.

I am planning to do some road training on Sunday.  Do the Slug Road 40 as the weather is much 'milder' than before.  I still have a spin class tomorrow at 6.30 with vibrating plate class straight after so there is that. 

In other news I've bought myself a Snowboard and some bindings!  They arrived today! I had ordered the board on Saturday morning, then the Bindings Monday, so go and!  Pretty sharp work all in all.

The bindings (from Absolute-Snow) do have a small defect/superficial damage on the actual binding bit.  It's difficult to describe where but – and I'll check with the blokie – I don't think it will affect the overall performance of the binding and you won't see it once the binding is on.  If it does I shall be informing Absolute-Snow and you shall hear all about it here (because, yeh! I Am That Kind of Person). 

The plus point of the super quick delivery is that I'll be able to get some snowboarding practice in before the hols.  
The negative is that in booking the holiday the Giddy Blonde didn't actually book any snowboard carriage and in trying to do it later was told that there won't be any space for it.  Which is rather sad really. 

Poor snowboard, all dressed up and no where to snow.  Feel rather sorry for it.


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