Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Spin Class Squared and other Magic Numbers

And I was stupid enough not to see how many Miles I've done.   It was good though, first class was hard, second class was easier but my legs gave way before my lungs did.

I also had a health check and apparently I'm not eating enough - I have a daily goal of 2,179 (not 2,178 or 2,180 why?) cals for the exercise I do according to I've had 1,480 calories.  I also have 28% body fat and 52% water (I asked the guy if this was high 'cos I wobble and swell like the sea  but no, it's actually quite good for someone who's just done 2 spin classes so get me!) and I'm 68% muscle and internal organs.  I know none of this actually adds up to 100% but bones aren't counted either.  I'm not really interested in loosing weight (which is lucky since I'm not really loosing any - infact I've put about 4 kilos on) more on increasing my muscle to fat ratio which is the important part.  


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