Thursday, 9 February 2012

Attack of the Lazyites

Stuggling a bit this week.  I think it's probably a result of having a full on time of it.  Made Spin Class Monday and Tuesday.  Had to get up at 6.15 for a 7am spin class - the class is full but the survey says only 6 people turn up - on Wednesday, and this after a birthday dinner with friends on Tuesday night. 

It wasn't too bad but a mixture of that with not sleeping properly is catching up on me.  One more gym visit and then 2 days off. And if I manage all my gyming next week (Spin classes are booked up AGAIN), I've promised myself a few days off and out on the bike the week after (I have a few days off for my Birthday).

I am seeing progress with this regime.  Being from a thick limbed peoples generaly means I put on muscle rather than loose weight, but I appear to have lost some inches round my waist and put them on my thighs.  I've also slept fine more often than not.

No spin tonight - 12 bike spin class is full so I wonder how many people that actually means 5, 6 students? - So will be rowing it.  I managed 2000m last week with a time of 9mins 44 secs.  We'll probably attempt the Stonehaven 40 on Sunday again (myself and the dizzy blonde).  The spin classes for next week are already all booked up on my chosen days.  Since I'm feeling a bit poo I might mix it up a wee bit and do one at the weekend or something.


Post Post:  11/02/12 - Actually made the Thursday Spin Class, basically by hanging onto the Spin Class listings - someone cancelled at 5.15 for the 6pm class. Glad I went, enjoyed it once I was there.

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