Sunday, 12 February 2012

I've taken an executive decision...

with a little help with the Giddy Blonde.  We had no training ride today.

The decision was taken last night after Michael (the Giddy Blonde's Bro), being the generous individual that he is, gave us all the cold in varying degrees.  Mines is fine right now.  Not in the chest, but in my nose (and not 'in (my) head' as Giddy Blonde says).

So we've had a day of Rugby (we actually did quite respectably today, still lost mind but we scored a try, the first time in 5 games, wee Laidlaw's turning into quite the man!), tea drinking, and cake baking.

Cake baking didn't go quite to plan.  We had the oven up too high though it looked fine on the dial, half managed to come out cooked the other half had to go back in for five minutes, both had to have their burnt bits cut off from the edge.

I've done some Origami and we went to the Giddy Blonde's folks for some lovely tea.

That about sums it up really.  It's been nice but odd.  A lot like a Saturday.  I think I've missed getting out on the bike, even for a short while, but I wouldn't do this Sunday and go out on the bike.  Definitely going out next weekend, and wondering if I could squeeze into some touring (only would have to do 30 miles - I've found out you can wild camp in Scotland), out Saturday, back Sunday sort of thing.

I'm back gyming it this week again.  I've got three spin classes ear-marked so far with an additional power plate class on Wednesday so we'll see how that goes.


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