Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Not out this weekend.  Snowing in the 'deen means I was a little worried about a repeat of two weeks ago.  Will definately be out next week, if we do (my Nemesis) and actually go down to Stonehaven we should hit somewhere near 50 miles.

So was in the gym instead.  Was on the spin bikes and upped the tention on the bike keeping it under 140rpms.  Was speaking to one of the guys in work and he was saying he managed 14 miles in the half hour that he did, where as I manage about 10 on a good day.  Asked about and it would seem it's not really a best comparison as he's on different bikes to me, don't really know what gear he's doing it in and if he's on a free wheel or not.

I've been clearing 150rpm on sprints, and hitting 170rpm lately so I've put up the resistance today and managed 12.3miles in 44 minutes - keeping my resistance under 130rpms.  I'll probably end up with massive legs but then that's the aim!

Also did some core work and some arm work - I was at a spin class early on Thursday and the guy ran me ragged!  Really felt it in the lower back and not in the legs so it's shown me that there's a massive gap in my training, and need to work on that side of my core more.  I normally just stick with crunches which I get sick of doing now as I can do a couple of hundred, but I don't really work with my back so we did some power plate stuff after and I have a new exercise I hate with one of those blow up ball things.

Tuesday I'm skipping spin class and going Snowboarding in the evening.  I have my birthday on Wednesday so have taken that and the last two days off.  I'm aiming to get out at least twice (aiming for 60 miles) before I head back to work on Monday (obviously factoring some time to lie in my bed).


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