Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Well who's crap at Snowboarding! Me!

I am wholly and utterly not up to it.  In any sense of the word.  I had a panic attack when I got to the tow thing that takes you up the 'slope'.  My heart was hammering and I was about to either cry or run away. I was ready to go home, then one of the employees saw me freaking myself out and managed to talk me down a little, god bless her. I managed 4 going downs of the slope at Garth Dee, and one turn by accident.  I have no idea why I sh!t myself.

In other more purpose built blog use I conquered the NEMISIS and nearly killed the Giddy Blonde in the process.  We got to the cut through (massive hill between miles 19-21) and he did not look well.  He had to stop 4 times going up that hill, even on the flat he was struggling though. When we did it during the snow he said he didn't find it as bad, but he wasn't feeling well on Friday, but even so, sometimes you just have a bad day.

I wore my heart monitor watch and the figures break down as such:

Max: 193
Average: 144
Time:3hrs 44 mins
Distance: 41.7 miles - which is interesting because it says it's 42.254 on Gpeds.  Someone is telling me fibs!
Max Speed: (and I'm really chuffed with this one!) 37.3mph.
Ave: 11.1 (which I'm not pleased with at all.  I'm wanting to be hitting 13mph right now!)

My heart rate seemed to hang around the high 180s for the most part - which was comfortable.  And I'm still on the old bike so... hrm... time to crack out the Swift?  Possibly? *rubs slightly fuzzy ladee beard*.


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