Tuesday, 1 May 2012

There are numerous things I should be doing right now...

Hill climbing is one of them.  But after 2 nights of not sleeping I'm not doing anything.  I would never have thought that 'not doing anything' would involve getting up at 6.10 AM to get to a spin class but there you go.  Aren't I smug. No, not really, just tired.

It's odd.  Slept fine all weekend, struggled to get to sleep on Sunday but I thought I had lost my pass for work.  Trust me.  I cannot loose my pass again.  I've lost so many passes it's affecting my company's profits.  And they keep saying to me 'try not to loose this one!'  Wouldn't that be throwing them away?!?!?!  Anyhoo, I had Monday off exercise for a rest day, but I couldn't get to sleep again last night, and have felt a chill all day sitting at my desk today, so there is something not right.  The only thing I can think of that might have jigged me is the funky arse cordial we bought so I'm not having any of that either.  It'll be herbal tea and water tonight.   Which is a bit miserable really.  I've got two weeks until the Etape so I'm not wanting to come down with any kind of cold or anything, and I'd rather do half the training I intend to do than have to take 4 days off completely.

Another 7 am spin class tomorrow.  I'm supposed to have two but I might venture out to the horrible hill at Warren Wood and do some circuits of that tomorrow night.



  1. Hi, Got to say there is something exciting about prentering an event as it gives you something to train for. But don't you find you live in fear the few weeks before of becoming ill or injured?! I think perhaps wearing a radiation suit and avoiding lifting yourself up from the sofa a bit extreme but thats how I always feel!

  2. But then what about all the training you could do (that might make a difference) while you're sitting in your radiation suit sitting on your arse?!?! Right now I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't.


    1. The couple of weeks before my 24 hour race were the worst. Not only contending with chance of illness but the petrol strike threatened to stop me even getting there and starting! I was very stressed! 5 months of training could have wasted.


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