Sunday, 6 May 2012

I forgot where I was going!!!!

I am such an eejit. My intention today was to do a 10 mile dash (not quite a sprint but faster than I usually do) down the railway line, was half way towards Causey Mounth before I was going the wrong way!!! Getting out there wasn't too bad. On the flat I was averaging 13-14 mph with the occasional jaunt into 15-16. Hitting the Warren Wood Hill was tough (Mile 12) and kind of wiped me out for the next 5 miles.  I think that was more to do with only having the gel shots this morning and not a proper breakfast, as I've done that route a few times now and felt better after it than today.

I'm going to get the Giddy Blonde to drive me out there a couple of times early this week - not going to spin class this week I'll be going out on the bike but not far, working on my cornering and technical stuff - and do it a couple of times just to get my confidence up. Looking at it on the graph it does look pretty horrendous.

Feeling a slow burn of nerves this year.  It's the kind that runs down your arms and makes your lungs feel extra light.  Didn't feel it this bad last year but then I was doing this with a couple of buddies and they were more nervous than me.  I tend to worry less than someone else over a pending shared experience, but I'm narking myself.  Have I done enough?  Even if there was I don't think I can do anything about it now.

Must remember to breathe.  And (like Jez says) not catch anything horrendous.


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