Saturday, 12 May 2012

Last post before the Etape Caledonia 2012

I write this from the lovely B&B in Pitlochery having nearly done something very stupid.  I went out last night.

Didn't mean to, didn't think I was that drunk but crawled into bed about 2 am this morning.  I have spent the day being a bit ill.  That's a lie.  I've spent the day being very ill, and was until about 2 hours ago.  We've just had a lovely dinner with the Ladies of Aboyne (like the lady of the lake only instead of excalaber they emerge from the waters holding their Scott Carbonfiber road bikes aloft!)  After spending most of the day spewing up water I've managed to hold down deep fried bree and cranberry sauce, and Salmon and Mash as well as fend off "helpfull" suggestions that I have hair of the dog/fill my backpack with whisky and perhaps it's not a hangover but laberynthitis - the kind you get after 7 pints of cider.

But after weeks and months of training it's finally here.  I'm not saying I'd go out and get rat@rsed two nights before a big event like this but a plus side is that I've been too sick to be nervous, which is something I've been feeling all week.  This last week has felt surreal. All that time has just disappeared and I haven't done half the things I would have liked to do.  Not dwelling on those though.  My triumphs regardless of what happens on tomorrow are:

 - I've sorted my eating out.  I can eat on the bike and I no longer run on empty doing the cycling.
-My cornering is better, still bottle it occasionally, but better.
-I am fitter than I was last year.
-I'm also not sick of the bike this year either.
-My average mph has gone up (not by much but by enough - which is quite a big thing we struggled with last year).
-I've done most of this myself!  Which I'm quite pleased about.

Where the Manx Troll has his Peta I've got a Giddy Blonde, who has been remarkably good this year.  He's sorted the bike out, the Garmin out, his own bike out and been the best boyfriend ever.  He's ace and I love him.

I've really enjoyed writing this as well.  Not that this is the last post, and I'll leave that for youse to decide if that's a good thing or not.  Having another outlet for my obsession has ment that my relationship has not crumbled under it's weight, quite yet.  I've really enjoyed the comments and speaking to people from all over, finding out that like the common cold, people like me are annoying others throughout the world with our grand ideas and our lazy @rsed bodies.  There's  nothing quite like saying to someone 'Yeh, I'm gonna do that' and the look in their eyes when they go 'you!?"  Well, why not us.  It's not Politicians, the so called important people, the rich and clever that change the world.  It's us.  We take it upon ourselves to prove the daft idea, to question the abilities available to apparently only the few and go "It's easy, I can do that".  It's usually not easy, it usually takes up alot of your time, means you're out of practice with the alcohol, eat into your cake budget and make you at several points want to cry, but you still can do it. And that's what I like about us.

So, I'm going to sign off and raise a gel pack to us tonight, and say:

"Wha's like us?
Naeb'dy an' they're a' deid"


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